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Early Morning Breakfast
Qty **(Min 6 Serves per order)**
Breakfast Buffet [Minimum 30 ppl] $22.50 p/p
Mini Ham & Cheese Croissants $3.85
Mini Chocolate Croissants $4.00
Mini Custard Croissants $4.00
Large Ham & Cheese Croissants $5.50
Bacon & Egg Muffins $4.50
Fresh Bagel with Bacon & Egg $5.50
Fresh Bagel with Cream Cheese $4.05
Sausage & Egg Muffins $4.50
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wraps $5.90
Savory Muffins $4.90
Sweet Muffins $4.90
Fruit Skewers $3.85
Breakfast Panini Bacon, Egg, Cheese & Avo $7.00
Banana Bread with Butter $4.20
Fruit Salad Individual Cups $4.50
Yoghurt & Muesli cups $4.20
Yoghurt & Mango cups $4.20
Salmon, Chives & Egg Muffin with Hollandaise $4.50
Egg, Avocado & Swiss Cheese Muffin With Relish $4.50
Avocado, Egg & Tomato Wrap with Relish $5.00
Boiled bagel with Mushrooms, Avo & Rocket $5.00
Bacon & Egg Rolls on Turkish with BBQ Sauce $6.50
Home Baked Frittatas $4.00
Mixed Friands GLUTEN FREE $4.50
Early morning breakfast delivery time or notes:
Morning Tea/Afternoon Tea
Qty **(Min 6 Serves per order)**
Mini Danish (2 per person) $4.80
biscuits [2 per serve] $3.00
Mini Savory muffins [GLUTEN FREE,2 per serve] $5.10
Mixed mini sweet muffins $3.00
Mini Pikelets (Served with Jam and Cream) 3 Per Person) $3.00
Fresh Scones (severed with Jam and Cream) $3.50
Mixed large sweet Muffins $4.90
Mini frittata [GLUTEN FREE, 2 per serve] $5.10
Assorted Cake Platter $3.90
Gourmet cake patter $5.60
Mixed Slice Platter $4.50
Mixed Biscuit Platter [2 per serve] $3.00
Mix Slice, Biscuit and cake platter $4.50
Gluten free sweet Platter $5.10
Morning tea/afternoon tea time:
Cold Platters/Antipasto Platters
**(Min 6 Serves per order)**
Cheese Platter $5.50
Sushi Platter - 3 slices per serve $4.50
Antipasto Platter [Meats and Veg] $10.00
Sliced Cold Meats Platter $9.00
Antipasto Vegetarian Platter $8.50
Fruit Platter [sliced seasonal fruits] $4.90
Cold platters/antipasto platters delivery time or notes:
Sandwiches, Wraps, Panini's, and Baguettes
Qty **(Min 6 Serves per order)**
House Sandwiches $5.50
Gourmet Sandwiches $6.50
Gourmet Baguettes $8.50
Gourmet Mini Baguettes $4.10
Gourmet Wraps $7.50
Gourmet Panini's $8.50
Gourmet Mixed Breads [SW,Wraps,Turkish,Baguettes] $7.60
Gourmet Turkish Breads $7.50
House Ribbon Sandwiches $6.50
Gluten free Sandwiches $8.00
Gluten free wraps $8.00
Sandwiches, wraps, panini's, and baguettes delivery time or notes:
House Fillings: Egg/lettuce mayo, Ham/cheese/tom, Ham/Cheese, Salami/cheese/salmon, Tuna/Mayo, Salad, Salami/cheese, Pastrami/cheese, Chicken/Avo/Mayo
Gourmet Fillings: Mediterranean Vege, Roast/beef, Smoked Salmon/Cream Cheese/onion/Capers, Pesto/Chick/ rocket, Tuna/Salad, Salami/Sundried Tom/Rocket, Turkey/Cranberry/Swiss Cheese, Turkey/Salad, Ham/Salad, Chicken/Avo/Mayo, Blt, Bacon/Chicken/Cheese Cajun/Chicken
Wrap Fillings: Chicken/Caeser, Tabdoori/Chicken, Cajun/Chicken, Sweet Chilli Chicken, Marinated Lamb/Haloumi, Char Grilled Veges, Roast Beef, Tuna/Salad. Baguettes/Pennies Fillings: Marinated Lamb/Haloumi, Chicken Caesar, Basil Pesto/Chicken, Balsamic Beef/Provolone, Pastrami/Horseradish, Roast Beef/Relish, Turkey/Cranberry/Swiss/Cheese, Pesto/Fetta/Vege.
Lunch Box Menu
Qty **(Minimum order of 25)**
House Sandwich
Gourmet Wrap or Gourmet Sandwich
Qty Minimum of 3 of each type
Wombok Salad
Baby Spinach pumpkin Feta and Pine nuts
Green Bean Pine nut
Potato Egg and Bacon
Baby Beetroot salad
Garden Salad
Greek Salad
Caeser Salad
Marinated Grilled veges
Pesto Chicken Salad
Cajun chicken Salad
Vegetarian Pasta Salad
Thai Beef Noodle Salad
Thai Chicken Noodle Salad
Individual serving Salad (Min 6 serves) $8.90
Small (4-6 People) $25.00
Medium (10-13 people) $45.00
Large (15-20 People) $61.00
Salads delivery time or notes:
Hot Food Platter (2 or 3 of each items per serve)
Qty Platters To Suit 10 People
Mixed Frittata's $125.00
Asian Platter $255.00
Greek Platter $255.00
Aussie Platter $255.0
Seafood Platter $310.00
Vegetarian Platter $210.00
Hot food platter time or notes:
Mixed Frittata's: Mix of Vege and Meat Frittatas
Asian Platter: Spring rolls, Vege Samosas, Mini dim sim, prawn curry puffs, Meat Money bags Prawn Toast, Curry Puffs
Greek Platter: Chicken & Lamb souvlaki, Haloumi, Meat balls Greek salad, Dolmathes, Three cheese & Vege Triangles
Aussie Platter: Mini meat pies,Mini sausage rolls, Chicken Pop "em", Chicken Goujons, Mini Quiches, BBQ Meat balls
Seafood Platter: Prawns Crumbed Coconut, Prawn Twister, Prawn Cutlet rolls, Barramundi Twisters, Thai Fish Cakes, Fish Cocktail Batters
Vegetaria Platter: Vege Frittatas, Vege Samosas, Vege Spring Rolls, 3 Cheese Triangles, Spinach & Ricotta rolls, Mini Vege Quiches
Hot Food Selection
Qty All Dishes per person Minimum 7 servers
Pumpkin Gnocchi $13.50
Chicken & Mushroom Ravioli $14.50
Beef Lasagna $14.50
Vege Lasagna $14.50
Fettuccini Carbonara $14.50
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni $14.50
Roast Beef with salad/vege $14.50
Roast Lamb with salad/vege $14.50
Roast Pork with salad/vege $14.50
Roast Chicken with salad/vege $14.50
Soup of the day Served with Crusty Bread Rolls $12.00
Individual Baked Quiche with Salad $14.00
Spinach, Feta, Roasted Capsicum & Pine nuts Filo with salad $14.50
Chicken & Asparagus Filo Served with Salad $14.50
Thai Chicken Stir fry with Coriander Served with rice $13.50
Pepper Steak & Mushroom Gourmet Pie with Salad $13.50
Vegetarian Frittata Served with Salad $13.50
Green Curry with rice $14.50
Butter Chicken with rice's $14.50
Honey Soy Chicken with rice $14.50
Beef or Chicken Hokkien Noddles $14.50
Hot Food Selection
Qty 2 Pieces Per Person. Minimum order 6 Serves per Order. Sauce Included
Meat Balls BBQ $3.00
Meat Balls Mexican $3.00
Meat Balls Italian $3.00
Tempura Prawns with Wasabi Mayo $4.20
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (GLUTEN FREE Prawn) $4.60
Mini Pies $3.20
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (GLUTEN FREE Pork & Beef) $4.00
Mini Sausage Rolls $3.50
Mini Quiches $4.70
Chicken Souvlaki $4.50
Lamb Souvlaki $4.50
Chicken Goujons $3.60
Lamb Kofta with Mint Sauce $4.50
Pumpkin, Ricotta mini rolls $3.90
Mini Dim Sims $3.20
Bacon & Sundried Tomato Pastry $3.80
Butter Chicken Tartlet $4.60
Mixed Frittata's $3.00
Vege Samosas $2.70
Mini Spinach & Ricotta rolls $3.70
Three cheese & Vege Triangles $3.90
Mini Angus Beef Burgers $3.90 1 per serve
Mini Chicken & Mushroom Vol au Vents $3.90
Mini Salmon & Dill Vol au Vents $4.20
Mini Vegetarian Vol au Vents $3.90
Tartlets Bacon & Leak $4.00
Tartlets Salmon $4.20
Tartlets Sundried Tomato & Caramelised Onion $4.00
Crumbed Camembert Cheese with Dipping Sauce $3.60
Chicken Pop "EM"[7 per serve] $4.50
Hot food selection delivery time or notes:
Hot Section Seafood
Qty 2 Pieces Per Person. Minimum order 6 Serves per Order. Sauce Included
Prawns Crumbed Coconut $5.50
Prawn Twister $5.50
Prawn Potato Spun $5.50
Prawn Cutlet rolls $5.50
Barramundi Twisters $5.50
Crumbed Whiting Fillets $3.50
Fish Cocktail Batters $4.50
Thai Fish Cakes $2.90
Crumbed Crab Claws $4.20
Salt & Pepper Squid $4.20
Hot section seafood delivery time or notes:
Hot and Cold Drinks
Orange Juice 2lt $8.00
Apple Juice 2lt $8.00
Pineapple Juice 2lt $8.00
Soft Drinks 1.25lt $5.00
Still bottle water 600ml $3.00
Gourmet Individual juice 500ml $4.60
Portion control Tea & Coffee
Price Includes Milk, Sugar, Coffee cups & Stirrers
$3.90 [unlimited $4.60]
Disposable Items
Plastic Table cloths colors on request $4.50
Fork, Knife, Plate, Cup, Napkin $1.00
Payment type:
* Indicates Response Required. $50 Minimum Order. Orders Under $50 will incur $5.50 delivery charge
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Email- sales@cateringcrumbs.com.au
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